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Wheatgrass Shampoo

3X potent Wheatgrass shampoo is also an All Natural conditioner and soft scrub. Highly recommended as Anti Dandruff, Anti Itching, Anti Irritation and Hair Fall Control. Natural herbs processed in a proprietary technique along with SLS makes the Wheatgrass shampoo 3 times more effective. Can use 2 to 3 times a week for normal people. If you’re infected with Scalp Psoriasis then use it on a daily basis: Wheat Grass, Coconut oil, different herbs and SLS.

Wheat Grass Shampoo Neutralise Wheatgrass shampoo is made from Ayurvedic and Natural Herbs combined with 200 years old Indian traditional Ayurvedic system. Wheatgrass and Roots are high in antioxidants preventing damage from free radicals including environmental toxins and UV exposure. Antioxidants are known to be anti-aging as they repair or prevent skin and Hair damage and detox to remove toxins from your body and skin. Wheatgrass – nature’s most effective and gentle cleanser – helps remove excess oil, residue, and debris without tripping hair of moisture or vitality. Natural herbs processed in a proprietary technique along with a little SLS makes wheatgrass Shampoo 3 times more effective Anti Dandruff Anti Itching Anti Irritating Hair fall Control


Weight 180 g
Type Shampoo
Pack Type Bottle
Item Code WHSH01
Usage Twice or thrice a week for a regular person. People suffering from Psoriasis or irritable scalp can use it on a daily basis and see the difference within a few days. The first wash cleanses the scalp and the second wash gives lathe
Application External use




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100ml, 200ml


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