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About Us

Sri Satyajyothi Agro foods, a women enterprise established in 2014 in the suburb of Hyderabad Telangana state. We are India’s first to give wheatgrass powder along with roots as we grow in Indoor Hydroponic soil free process. We have started with a theme to make India Healthy all over with Wheat Grass Powder in India. Our Wheatgrass production has initiated our roots in Hyderabad, establishing a supply all over India with successful clients. We are certified with Ayush, FSSAI, GMP for developing a product in an innovative way. Initiated the process with Wheat Grass Powder with roots, now extended to different products like Herbal Premium Soap, Shampoo, Moisturizer cream, etc. Our products purely grow up organically without chemicals.

Our Mission

Over the years, many side diseases, problems have been increased in human life due to More Chemical Medicines. As a result, instead of the residential relief power of humans losing consistently. At this stage, we came With Wheat Grass Production with roots in India. To enhance the result of nutrition medicine, which prepares in the process of a real organic way. We have succeeded in this. We now introduced many products from wheatgrass and delivered every consumer very quickly. To make it happen, we launched our website and e-commerce platforms, social media to have regular interactions and feedback from customers on the usage of our product.

Our Vision

Every time we research different Wheat Grass product resources to implement new medicines for diseases. In the Wheat Grass powder with roots, we address many conditions and problems to show a path of solution. As long as the output of delivery increases will take more care of product making methods. ”Making India healthy all over”, Our vision is to supply nutrition to everyone in an organic way. Over the years, it has been planning to introduce a large scale of neutralized quality products through Wheat Grass Powder with roots in India. Every product is released into the market after the proper priority of research and approval in our lab.

Why Neutralize Naturals

Neutralise is the first company in India to introduce wheatgrass Powder with roots in India”. Products are made of Indoor Hydroponic sol process in a purely organic way that adds extra benefit to your health. It has three years of massive experience in product development and research. It helps you to get products at very affordable prices and in a quick way to give the solution to your problem

Our Approach

Over the years skin problems are increasing and affecting human life. Our approach is to make awareness of our product in different ways.

  • We need to make awareness of this product, making it available in e-commerce platforms and nearby stores.
  • products are certified and result oriented.
  • Users are ready to purchase an amount if they find a solution for the problem, but we are providing a reasonable price for better reach and making it more healthy.
  • Observed the children less than 2 years of age are also witnessing phenomenal results after using our product hence, our product’s effectiveness is not a mere placebo effect and thus has a great nutritional influence on bodily functions.
  • Our products give faster results compared to all other therapies, Results in 30 days from date of use for solving skin problems in the long term.
  • India’s First and only wheatgrass powder with roots, wheatgrass soap, Wheatgrass moisturizer and Wheatgrass Shampoo. These great and effective combination products from Neutralise are meant to exclusively heal skin problems so far not easily treatable by any other treatment method or medicine. 

Doctor Consultations

We Provide High Quality Care. Consult Our Specialist Dermatologist Problem

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