Wheat Grass Body Wash

Wheat grass premium body wash is made from natural ingredients. It acts as a natural scrub and helps in preventing premature aging of the skin & cellular damage as more antioxidants are found in wheat grass. Suitable for all skin types in restoring skin flexibility.


wheat grass soap

Ordinary soaps use caustic soda and antiseptic chemicals which cause dryness. When you bath with an Anti-Septic soap, it kills all the bacteria on the body surface including good bacteria.The body surface cannot remain without bacteria, and hence new bacteria takes place either from air or move from other body parts which mostly are harmful bacteria if your body is already infected or have some skin disorders like Psoriasis, eczema, etc.











Special features:

  • Doesn’t contain caustic soda.
  • Uses cow butter.
  • Several other skin friendly herbals are used for skin conditioning and softness.
  • When you the bath, harmful bacteria are replaced with healthy bacteria of wheatgrass and do not create bacteria free skin which results in providing the home too bad bacteria leading to itching.



How to use:

  • Bath twice daily. If required use a soft scrubber.
  • If you have any skin ailment, use Wheat Grass Powder or Barley Grass Powder or both as prescribed.
  • Girls and women can use it to clean private parts during periods. It is best natural soap which does not create dryness or irritation.
  • Good for hair cleansing also.