Wheat Grass Power as Internal Cleanser


When your body is healthy you seldom have any attention on it. You feel good. You focus on the outside world, its people, your work, the arts, nature and relationships. But when your body is sick, overweight, tired or in pain it pulls your attention onto it in a very unpleasant way.

This is why a total internal body cleanse may be just what you need to restore your body’s health. This cleanse draws toxins from every organ in the body. The cleanse is done in 4 steps starting with the digestive system and the intestines. Hippocrates stated , “All illness begins in the gut ” over 2000 years ago. And this is even truer now than it was then considering the processing of our modern foods.

Source: http://healthfree.com/

Why wheat grass powder for internal cleansing?

  • wheat grass powder is a rich source of amino acids, proteins and nutrients which help in cleansing.
  • wheat grass roots contain 13 vital amino acids.