Wheat Grass Soap for Pimples

what are pimples?

Red, tender bumps with white pus at their tips.

causes of pimples?

How often you shed skin cells which can change throughout your life.

The amount of sebum that your skin produces which is affected by your hormone balance, which is often in flux — especially for women.

Genetics can play a big part in the development and persistence of spots, so family history can give you a good idea of how likely it is that you will develop pimples

source: http://www.proactiv.com.au/

How Wheat Grass Soap is helpful in curing pimples?

  • Removes bad bacteria and cultivates good bacteria thereby reducing pimples.
  • It preserves your natural skin bacteria and keeps your skin healthy.
  • it is made from wheat grass powder with roots, which is a rich source of amino acids, proteins.
  • It doesn’t contain caustic soda,animal fat(as it can be harmful) or any harmful chemical.
  • For better results use wheat grass soap and powder simultaneously.