Barley Grass Powder

Barley grass powder has similar benefits as Wheat Grass Powder Refer Wheat Grass Section above. It is considered as 40 times stronger than Wheat Grass Powder.



It is a world renowned proprietary food and health supplement that helps to control blood pressure and diabetes, increases hemoglobin, overcome skin disorders, and improves skin and muscle tone. It acts as preventive for cardiac and cancer.

Nature’s gift to humanity and a natural source to maintain good health, it activates blood cells, detoxifies the liver and improves digestive system and naturally strengthens the immune system.

It is a very rich source of Amino acids, nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega acids.




Unique features

  • Made with the Hydroponic process. It does not use soil and hence very pure.
  • Dried and processed with roots. Making it     more useful than just leafs
  • Harvesting in 100%, pest’s free hygienic environmentdsc01112
  • Roots improve the immune system and help the wounds recover faster.
  • Complete food supplement which includes grass and roots in the right ratio.
  • Fresh single crop harvest, there is no second and third harvest.
  • Contains more fiber and nutrition than regular barley grass powder.
  • Hygienic process and production with RO &UV purified drinking water.
  • No harmful chemicals or fertilizers used in the entire process.
  • It is natural and does not contain added preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.


How to use

  • Take 3 grams of powder daily morning with Luke warm water on empty stomach.